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Inventory of five major LED industry acquisitions in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-27
A major business news on 2014 was that Google announced that it would buy all the assets of NestLabs, a smart home company, for US $3. 2 billion in cash, the second largest acquisition in Google's history. Nest was founded in 2011 by Tony, the father of iPod. Fadair was founded and has received extensive attention from the market due to the introduction of intelligent temperature control devices. At present, it has become one of the major brands in the smart home market. The industry commented that the acquisition will set off a smart home boom. Zhongjing electronic acquisition fangzhengda officially entered the LED lighting field. Zhongjing electronic announcement said that Huizhou Zhongjing Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. intends to formally enter the LED lighting field through the acquisition of Hunan fangzhengda Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. Founder's main business is flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) The research and development, production and sales of the products are mainly applied to the field of LED energy-saving lighting. The main business of Zhongjing electronics before this transaction is the research and development, production and sales of new electronic components. The main products are printed circuit boards such as double-panel, multi-layer board and aluminum substrate, it is applied to consumer electronics, network communication, computer peripherals and automotive electronics. Founder believes that the synergy effect of this acquisition is more prominent, which can effectively promote the adjustment of the company's overall business structure. Microchip to 3. US $9. 4 billion acquisition of Supertex chip manufacturer MicrochipTechnologyInc (MCHP)Take 3. US $9. 4 billion in cash to acquire SupertexInc, a manufacturer of high-voltage analog and mixed signal chips, to strengthen its supply to the medical, LED lighting, industrial and telecommunications industries. Depp Technology 50 million acquisition of 30 equity in LED business of Youyang Technology Depp Technology announced that it acquired the remaining 30 equity of Youyang Technology to be wholly owned, and the owners are mainly engaged in research and production of semiconductor parts and lamp accessories in the mainland; And production and assembly of LED lights; The consideration of 50 million yuan will be paid through the issuance of a one-year acceptance note. Microchip acquired Supertex, Zhongjing Electronics acquired founder, Google acquired Nest, Crystal Optoelectronics acquired taijia electronics, Depp technology acquired Youyang Technology, and major giants invested heavily in LED companies, the combination of strong forces and the gathering of advantages will inevitably bring certain influence to the LED industry. Acquisition is the trend and will happen one after another in the future. Crystal Optoelectronics: 14. 38 million yuan to buy 20 shares of taijia electronics, Crystal Optoelectronics Announcement, the company invested 14. 38 million yuan, acquisition of 10 shares of 12. 25 million yuan of registered capital of taijia Electronics held by Wang Ping and 10 shares of taijia Electronics held by Lin satellite. Taijia electronics is a holding subsidiary acquired by Crystal optoelectronics in August 2010. It is mainly for the production and sales of supporting Crystal Optoelectronic optical cold-working products. In recent years, the company's main business scale has expanded rapidly, higher requirements have been put forward for taijia Electronics's optical cold working capability. Taijia Electronics has also formed a good profitability after being incorporated into the listed company system, with a net profit of 878 in 2013. 910 thousand yuan, so this transaction is in line with the company's interests and is conducive to promoting the development of the company's main business and improving the company's profitability.
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