Introduces the integration of solar energy street lamp installation of new rural spacing

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

integrated solar street lighting, new countryside to install solar street lamps, the everyone not unfamiliar, in order to beautify the countryside now have a lot of new countryside construction integrated solar street light, in the new rural universal installation, but also will encounter many problems in installation, what are these problems?

many consumers for solar street lamps installed in rural areas are many wrong understanding, install solar street light under the green tree shade, or installed inside the building shadow, which reduces the amount of solar panels convert, street lamp lights at night. Or rural roads to install solar street light of a new socialist countryside is the most suitable spacing, some rural roads only four kilometers village road, but installed the lamp solar street lamps in the countryside.

to know usually install solar street light on some of the main avenue, with double side cloth lamp installation, miles of road to install solar street light. Currently used in the new rural construction of rural road lighting is generally 6 m light pole solar street lamps, as is often the case, we usually adopt unilateral interactive cloth lamp installation, in - Rice is the distance between installation solar street lamps in the countryside.

the installation of a new rural solar street lamp, can provide a convenient people can not only guarantee the road lighting requirements, at the same time to save the cost, because the integration of solar energy is energy conservation and environmental protection to save time to save power. Street lamp spacing is too small will install more integrated solar street light, is also a big waste.
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