Interpretation of the solar street lamps and common lamps and lanterns of durability

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

solar street light with long time or ordinary lamps and lanterns more durable? This is that most people want to know, save electricity, convenient save trouble solar street lamps energy-saving but its service life can lower? Actually our solar lamps and lanterns is the life of the live is much higher than ordinary electric lamps, such as solar lamps and lanterns of the main components of the service life of the solar cell components; The average life span for the low pressure sodium lamp hours; The average life span for the low efficient tricolor energy-saving lamps hours; Super bright LED the average life expectancy is greater than the hours; Special solar battery life for years under AH; Years of AH. According to the local price bureau in accordance with the conventional area 'village street lights maintenance fee one-time charge according to the pure residential construction area yuan / ㎡' regulation, make ordinary higher initial investment solar lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns are many initial investment. In short, the characteristics of the comprehensive comparison of solar lamps and lanterns saving investment are quite obvious.

solar power supply system, the battery is good or not directly affects the performance of system quality and service life of the comprehensive cost and operation, this scenario to choose the company with the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of metal research and the latest achievements of energy storage type colloidal battery, compared with the ordinary lead-acid batteries, in design and manufacturing process has the following outstanding features on

service life is long, normal life for five to ten years.

suitable for anode alloy is formula and the ratio of active material, make a battery is more suitable for the use of energy storage battery circulation charge and discharge characteristics.

the design of the gel electrolyte, effective inhibition of active material of rust and plate of the sulfuric acid salinization phenomenon, thus delaying the battery in the use of the performance in the process of failure. Greatly improve the deep filling put cycle life of the battery.

solar photovoltaic power, abundant, unlimited, and no pollution, no noise, no radiation. Countries now is advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, use of solar energy street lamp, also will be more and more high, and our factory production of solar street lamps used long life more durable and economical. Our factory welcome customers all over the country came to discuss business.
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