Interpretation of seven key words for LED lighting industry development in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-24
With the increasing competition, the decoration of LED lighting market is becoming more and more popular. LED lighting decoration gradually occupies a dominant position in decoration, and the home decoration industry is quietly changing, then let's take you to look forward to the seven key words for the development of LED lighting industry in 2014. Key words 1: The soft LED lighting market is becoming more and more popular, and the market layout is quietly changing. The concept of emphasizing decoration and neglecting decoration in the home decoration industry is gradually popularized, and the delivery of houses for fine decoration will become a trend in the future. The potential of the soft decoration market is emerging, but the domestic soft decoration market is still in the primary stage of development, the problems of no brand, high price, slow circulation and lack of professional soft clothing design talents still need to be solved. It will take a long time for the soft clothing industry to transition from extensive operation to mature development. Key word two: low-carbon 2014 the trend of low-carbon and environmental protection instantly swept the whole LED lighting industry. Under the pursuit of consumers, lighting enterprises and businesses continue to exert their efforts on low-carbon and environmental protection, this year has been upgraded to a green and environmentally friendly low-carbon year. A variety of environment-friendly and low-carbon lighting products with no peculiar smell and zero formaldehyde have entered the sight of consumers and entered the new home of the owners with a healthy life concept, bringing green and environment-friendly life to the citizens. In recent years, well-known brand home improvement companies have paid more and more attention to environmental protection decoration, but it is not excluded that some companies use environmental protection building materials to steal the concept of environmental protection decoration. Although they have signed environmental protection agreements, however, there is still a phenomenon that the indoor air quality is still not up to standard after decoration, especially for small and medium-sized decoration companies, guerrilla construction and consumer self-purchased building materials. The definition of environmental protection requirements in the new regulations will help promote the process of environmental protection and home improvement. Key word 3: Hardcover, due to its advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection, coupled with urbanization and consumption upgrading, the industrialization of fine decoration has received strong support from the state. In contrast, the single customer home improvement market has been squeezed, which has become an important reason for lighting companies to tend to the hardcover market. Fine decoration is the development direction of the future home decoration market. Whether it is cooperating with real estate developers or facing ordinary residential users, lighting companies have already focused on this cake. It is reported that the profits of fine decoration mainly come from quantity, and the cost and construction period are very strict, and the amount of capital required by the decoration company is quite large, this requires the decoration company to be very strong in logistics transportation, raw material procurement, and financial support, so there are not many home improvement companies that can undertake. At present, some home improvement companies are still focusing on the launch of packages, attracting ordinary residents and consumers with hardcover needs. Key words 4: service promotion with the arrival of the consumption era, consumers have put forward higher requirements for quality, service and lifestyle. Many LED lighting industries have complied with the improvement of this demand, make a fuss about consumption and services. 2014 for the LED lighting industry, it is important to increase the added value. On the one hand, it is to attach importance to design and increase the added value of products through design. On the other hand, it is heavy service. Many merchants have increased the warranty period of their products and provided free maintenance and other services to meet the maintenance needs of consumers. Key words 5: Specification, according to the national engineering construction Standardization Information Network, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China issued an announcement on November 29, and the national 'building lighting design standard' was officially implemented from June 1, 2014. The standard was drafted by the Ministry of Urban-Rural Development and numbered GB50034- 2013, submitted to the State Council for review, in accordance with national standards. Among them, 6th. 3. 3, 6. 3. 4, 6. 3. 5, 6. 3. 7/, 6. 3. 9, 6. 3. 10, 6. 3. 11, 6. 3. 12, 6. 3. 13, 6. 3. 14, 6. 3. Article 15 is a mandatory provision and must be strictly enforced. The original national standard 'architectural lighting design standard' GB50034-2004 shall be repealed at the same time. The standard was published by the China Construction Industry Press organized by the Institute of Standards and quotas of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Key words 6: personalized customized lighting industry has experienced many years of rapid development. Lighting products and service quality have become the new pursuit of the younger generation of consumers. Under the property market regulation policy, young people's rigid needs have become consumer power. Beautiful, practical and versatile, it is a consumer product for young people. In the face of such a group, innovation has become the key for lighting enterprises to win the market in the future, including innovation in products, services, marketing models, etc. , to attract consumers with new things and new selling points. However, personalized customized furniture products, e-commerce sales channels and one-stop sales models, which conform to the consumption habits and tastes of young people, are increasingly favored by lighting enterprises. Key words 7: package decoration is a complicated process, which takes a lot of time and energy, so various decoration packages came into being. Many decoration units combine wooden doors, ceramic tiles, floors, coatings, cabinets, sanitary ware and other major building materials with basic decoration construction and provide them to the owners in packages, saving money, saving time and labor is its main advantage. However, due to the lack of standardization of the current home improvement market, there are many traps in many packages, especially the owners of informal small companies or guerrillas, often complaining. The necessary additions have resulted in the inevitable result of overspending of many home improvement packages. The overspending is mainly concentrated on some unclear expenses and unclear main material brands and varieties. Experts suggest that you must be familiar with the whole process before decoration, especially for hidden Projects. Carefully measure the hydropower lines before signing the contract, and the projects that may incur additional costs are clearly defined in the contract.
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