Interpretation of LED standardization

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-02
The standardization work of LED is gradually becoming the focus of attention. Internationally, Standardization competition is fierce, and Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. actively participate in and try to lead, various international standardization organizations and alliances actively promote standardization work, and the pattern is becoming more and more diversified. For example, Zhaga aims to make LED light sources produced by different manufacturers exchange and formulate specifications; TALQ focuses on establishing the control software interface standard of outdoor lighting network; CLA promotes the development of wireless lighting solutions and provides open standards for large-scale interoperability. Judging from the domestic situation, LED standardization is receiving increasing attention. At the national level, the standardization of strategic emerging industries is also planned and deployed around the technological innovation chain and industrial chain. Among them, in November 2011, the National Standards Commission jointly established semiconductor lighting (LED)The establishment of standards groups and expert groups; In April 2012, the sub-working meeting of the group was held in Beijing, and four working groups of equipment and materials, devices and modules, light sources and lamps, lighting applications and energy efficiency were established; On June 2013, the inaugural meeting of the working group and the 48 national standard kick-off meetings (CSA leads 1 item); In December 2013, 6 LED lighting standards were included in the national standard plan (CSA leads 3)Wait. At the same time, ISO newly established TC274 Light and Lighting Technology Committee, China has also become a member of the committee, the alliance (CSA) The Secretariat has also become the head of the ISO/TC274 domestic technical counterpart joint working group. Although great progress has been made in LED standardization, it still faces many challenges. National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance standardization committee (Referred to as CSAS) Secretary-General Yan Jun said that on the one hand, the R & D and standardization capabilities of enterprises need to be improved, and the thresholds for national and international standards are high. At the same time, the industrial chain is long, the enterprise scale is small and the links are short, so it is difficult to promote the development of technology and industry in an orderly and coordinated manner. On the other hand, many domestic enterprises pay insufficient attention to standardization, and the awareness of using standards to promote enterprise development is weak. From the perspective of economic benefits of standardization activities, some surveys show that enterprises actively participating in standardization work are more likely to obtain short-term and long-term benefits in terms of cost and competitiveness. Such as saving production costs, reducing transaction costs, contracting costs and inspection costs; It has a positive effect on the procurement and marketing capabilities of Enterprises (Such as interfaces and compatibility standards) Enhance the quality and reliability confidence of enterprise products (Such as reliability standards)Wait. Standardization should be regarded as a strategic task of the enterprise. Ruan Jun said that the alliance will organize and build a cooperative communication platform for enterprises. Enterprises need to understand the trend of standardization and analyze the relationship between standardization situation, technological development and industrial development; Clarify the technology development and product strategy of the enterprise itself (Including intellectual property strategy)The relationship with the enterprise's standard strategy; Focus on participating in the standardization organizations closely related to their core competitiveness and the formulation of relevant standards, and strive for the initiative (Undertake duties, work, etc); Those that are not closely related should also be paid active attention; Vigorously cultivate their own standardized talents and use standard means to promote enterprise development. Ruan Jun said that from the perspective of CSAS work, he hopes to implement the technical standard strategy of China's LED industry and establish a mechanism to quickly formulate industrial innovation technology into Alliance standards or technical reports, adopt fair and reasonable patent policies, improve the technological innovation and standardization capabilities of member enterprises, and comprehensively support the standardization strategy of enterprises. From the perspective of medium and long-term planning, it is hoped that based on the needs of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development, through the formulation and promotion of standard technical documents in the field of semiconductor lighting technology innovation, it will serve the standardization strategy of member units, actively support and cooperate with national and international standardization work, expand cooperation and exchanges with standardization organizations at home and abroad, and build an influential standardization cooperation and exchange platform at home and abroad. It is also hoped that domestic LED enterprises will take active actions to implement standardized strategic thinking and better promote the development of enterprises themselves and industries, Ruan Jun said.
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