Intelligent street light control system functions

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
In the system of intelligent street lamp can concentrate on each and every node controller to control. On the interface can real-time display all of the concentrator and the single lamp status, and achieve a single point of control, group control, radio control and other control strategies. Intelligent street lamp system provide GIS positioning, positioning on every street lamp and displayed on the map, and to open to turn off the lights and other lights on the map operation, greatly facilitate the management of the street lamp; Can automatically detect whether the road cars, automatically adjust the wisdom lighting street lamps lighting brightness according to the circumstance, which can realize the illumination control, latitude and longitude, Sunset time) Regulation, can undertake to car number statistics, energy saving rate statistics, in order to achieve energy saving effect. The monitoring of intelligent street lamp management, data statistic, information query, five modules parameter configuration, and user management functions. Street lamp fault or cables stolen instant automatically lighting system equipment failure reporting business system, business system via text message warning depending on the type of alarm information, such as E-mail warning way remind.
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