Intelligent control technology of led solar street lamps need to be better

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
In order to solve the problem of short service life of led solar street lamps need better intelligent control technology and more efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency. Intelligent control technology improve the efficiency of the use of electricity, both have played an important role in protection of storage battery. Short service life still depends on the battery protection and improper use, or control the depth of the battery charging and discharging. The second is to improve the lighting efficiency. The first method is to use more efficient luminescence materials, but improve the led street light energy efficiency of space is very small. Control building reasonable electricity needs to experience. This is a joint, the controller is joint. The controller USES digital control technology, if the configuration is consistent, can save 80% of its electricity, and can reasonable exercise of power, effectively protect the storage battery. Solar led street light products also greatly extended service life, the service life of the ordinary street lamp extended 3 - than ordinary street lamp Five times the solar street light. The performance analysis of influence of led solar street lamps, the future depends on solar energy. Due to the progress of The Times, we have from the street lamp development to a wide range of lighting products. As always, we will put today's quality as tomorrow's market, with the first-class talents, first-class quality, first-class management, first-class solar photovoltaic miracle.
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