Integration of solar street lights installed in the countryside is also suitable for dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
For in the construction of rural road lighting, the use of the integration of solar street light is also a good choice, accurate point, is the integration of solar street light is very suitable for road use in the countryside. It use advantage to be able to be reflected in the rural areas in its safety, lighting, and the use cost of these aspects, compared with too Yang to separate the street lamp, some lighter and more convenient. One-piece can guarantee the safety of the battery solar street lamps, solar lamp integrated compared with split type solar street lamp, battery guard against theft is considered important, is in commonly said install street lamp in the villages and towns, to so few pedestrians at night, use of split type solar street light, the battery can easily be stolen; Its installation is simple without firing time, ensure that period of time, long service life. Using the integration of solar street light can reduce the construction cost, need not spending expenses related to construction personnel and construction wiring, installation of the traditional street light, is the need to send technicians to the on-site installation, also takes a lot of programs. Integration of solar energy street lamp installation technical requirements is low, general factory can finish debugging.
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