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Integration and merger of LED lighting industry in 2015 is the general trend

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-05
This year is the year of popularization of LED lighting, and the popularization of LED lighting will accelerate next year. The output value of LED lighting is expected to exceed that of traditional lighting next year, becoming a turning point in the lighting industry. At the same time, the integration of LED industry will intensify and there will be more mergers next year. Ruan Jun, executive deputy secretary general of the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance, accelerated popularization yesterday (9th) He said that the popularization of LED lighting will accelerate in 2015. Last year (China LED lighting products) Exports reached 5. 5 billion US dollars, reaching 7 billion US dollars in the third quarter of this year and expected to exceed 10 billion US dollars in the whole year, doubling the growth rate. Ruan Jun said. Ruan October 1 this year went on to say that China has eliminated incandescent lamps of more than 60 watts since; Europe and the United States have recovered their economies. Among several BRICS countries, the Indian government is also promoting the popularization of LED lighting, so the popularization of LED has accelerated. This year, the LED products of sunshine lighting and Foshan Lighting account for more than 60 ~ 70. Wang Donglei, chairman of dehaorunda and Rex lighting, also said: the popularity of LED lighting will reach a peak next year, with Rex's target of 50 products for LED lighting in 2015. According to UBS's forecast, 2013 ~ The overall growth rate of the lighting market in 2015 was 36, 37 and 38 respectively, of which the demand for residential LED lighting market increased by 157, 90 and 62 respectively during the same period. Industry insiders expect that the LED industry will grow by nearly 30 next year, with indoor LED lighting growing by as high as 50 ~ 60. Rex and op will account for of LED products next year ~ 60, these leading enterprises have a great influence, so the penetration rate of LED lighting will reach 50 next year and further reach 80 in 2017. 2015 is a year of rapid popularization of LED lighting and will be a turning point. The output value of LED lighting will exceed that of traditional lighting. The above-mentioned person said. There are more mergers. With the acceleration of popularization, another problem is competition. Ruan Jun said that small and medium-sized enterprises are under greater pressure. Industry mergers and acquisitions are a trend. Industry research also believes that the competition will be more intense next year. This year, many enterprises have tight cash flows, and some have fallen Gross profit margins and have been forced to close down. There will be more failures and mergers next year, because many small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to continue. Many handicraft workshops have closed down this year, and larger enterprises will also close down next year. Recently, the packaging factory in Guangzhou has fallen in large quantities, because the quality and price are not comparable to those of listed companies, and the growth of scale and profit has fallen backwards. In recent years LED industry of merger one after another. Following Dehao Runda's acquisition of Rex and Tsinghua Tongfang's acquisition of zhenmingli, the night before (8th) Qinshang Optoelectronics also announced that it will acquire 51 shares of three small and medium-sized LED related companies. Industry analysts said that the previous products of qinshang Optoelectronics were mainly street lamps. With the popularity of civil lighting, they must also penetrate the terminal channels. This year, they have been looking for mergers and acquisitions, and have talked about many companies. Among the three small and medium-sized companies purchased by qinshang Optronics this time, one is a traditional lighting company that has been transformed into LED lighting and has channels; Another one is doing energy-saving certification. There is more room for mergers and acquisitions in the LED chip field. Wang Donglei believes that the domestic peak is 60 ~ Of the 70 LED chip factories, some are not well managed and have stopped production. Now there are only more than 20. The LED chip project has a huge investment. Since most of the LED chip factories are supported by local governments, it is difficult to integrate. However, nearly a lot (Chip)The factory came to me (Talk about mergers)Wang Donglei revealed. However, he believes that most of them will be eliminated slowly and naturally, and there are not many of them with acquisition value. The integration of LED chips in China and in China is necessary. As for the technical direction, industry insiders believe that LED technology has changed greatly, and the technical directions of upstream, midstream and downstream have not been determined. Flip-chip currently only replaces formal chips in the field of high power, whether it can become a trend remains to be seen. Ruan believes that LED flip-chip is the trend because the efficiency of a single chip is improved and the cost is reduced, but it takes time for packaging factories and customers to accept it.
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