Installation of solar street lamps need to remember dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
For the rural construction of solar street lamps, the most important is to guarantee the quality of street lights and meet the needs of road lighting. In order to ensure good implementation of the rural street lamp project, solar street light manufacturer - - Lighting for the majority of users a detailed introduction of rural construction note 1 solar street lamps. Determine the street lamp power to choose the appropriate light source, different power of the light source in the process of road construction in the aspect of configuration and production is not the same, only carefully determine the street lamp power meter configuration can guarantee the quality of street lamp; 2. Make street light system Settings according to implementation requirements, different road, different requirements for lighting time is different also, general street lighting in 4 - the length of the Settings 8 hours, 3 - 5 rainy days continuous lighting; 3. Make street light configuration need the installation of the manufacturer to provide a good after-sales service, installation of the main solar street lamps good photoelectric conversion is to realize the system to ensure the operation of the system is stable. In the rural solar street light construction was conducted according to user's actual demand make street light detailed construction scheme and good forehead after installation to ensure stable and reliable to achieve rural road lighting. The above provided by lighting. More questions, please click on the picture on the right counseling online customer service.
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