Install solar street lamps to do a good job of what are dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Solar street light is widely used in road, park, square, solar street light shadow everywhere, solar street lamp illuminates the way people not only, also for the urban rural added a beautiful scenery line. But we know that the beauty of a solar LED street lamp need to work early to ground. Because solar street light control system is independent, so installation will no longer require complex track laying. But in the fixed time, need to pay attention to, fixed time, solar street lamps is fixed by cement block light pole, there needs to be fixed light pole in cement block bolt pile, and the size of the cement block need to decide according to the height and weight of the light pole. Another point is to consider the installation of the battery solar street lamps, overhead and buried in two ways, is the need to put battery buried in the box, and then dug a pit to bury. For solar street lamps buried installation site must make base, along with the increase in solar street lamps factory, solar street light industry competition is more and more fierce, in such circumstances and after-sale service work in the construction is also one of the important conditions to win customers. The above provided by lighting. More questions, please click on the picture on the right counseling online customer service.
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