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InfoComm2015 wonderful Review: Shanghai think twice LED products are favored

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-12
From April 8-10, the three-day InfoCommChina2015 was successfully completed, leaving a deep impression on the exhibitors and exhibitors. The infecomm exhibition is a first-year university in history. Not only is the venue layout more magnificent, but the team of exhibitors is also larger. All kinds of high-tech products make the whole exhibition process never stop. As a leader in the domestic LED industry-- Shanghai Sansi also received unanimous support and recognition from users and friends at this exhibition. At this InfoComm exhibition, Shanghai thought twice about P1. 6 The small-pitch LED display screen is particularly eye-catching, the texture of the display screen, the real color of the lively color, and the interface switching without stagnation, let the exhibitors enjoy the different picture playing effects brought by the LED small-pitch display screen. In addition, this small-pitch LED display multi-function monitoring system has aroused the interest of many exhibitors, and they have asked the on-site staff to ask questions. This display screen can also be controlled by multiple modules, while monitoring it while playing other content, realizing a multi-purpose screen. In addition to the LED display, Shanghai Sansi's lighting products are also a highlight. Almost all the LED lighting products exhibited this time support dimming. In the process of use, users can adjust the brightness according to their needs, which not only meets the multi-demand lighting of users, but also has better energy-saving performance. It is the only choice for sustainable development of social lighting. In particular, think twice about a newly launched LED intelligent lighting product, which makes the exhibitors feast their eyes. This smart LED bulb lamp can highlight various colors of RGB combination. What is more amazing is that this lamp has a built-in WiFi module, which can be controlled by the APP of thinking twice by connecting the smart lamp with a mobile phone, color dimming can be done as long as the finger slides gently. What is even more surprising is that this lamp can also change the light with the music sound played by the mobile phone. Its powerful entertainment function brings users not only lighting, but also lighting enjoyment. Sansi lighting products are famous for their high quality, long service life, no stroboscopic, no glare, soft light, and safer use with full insulation design. Technology and innovation are the strong elements of this InfoComm exhibition. Compared with the products in previous years, the products in this exhibition have better effects and more humanized functions; Even for products with similar functions, more attractive shapes and new functions will be seen, making the products show different elegant demeanour. At the exhibition, almost all the major exhibitors came up with their own representative products. This is not only a competition between the peers, but also an audio-visual feast for the exhibitors.
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