Industry: solar street light to avoid disadvantages of dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
At present, solar street light has a big loophole, the industry is the solar street lamp manufacturers in the production process of a mess, a lot of local governments for only a year or so, the service life of the solar street light led to solar street light & lsquo; More than year outside uninsured without after-sale, change bad Mafia & rsquo; The phenomena. ” Some solar street lamps factory is give priority to in order to piece together, rather than independent research and development production, and even some companies have not factories, there are some manufacturers tend to cut corners in the production process, solar street lamps, and at a low price bidding, low-quality junk make solar street light industry engineering. Because there is no industry standard, in the bidding, a lot of solar street lamps factory with reference to the implementation of urban road standard. As a result, solar street lamps used in some areas out of order after six months, use only a year was torn down, more in some areas put some rubbish into ordinary mains engineering solar street lamps, forcing the government every year maintenance of the tender, has caused a lot of human material and financial resources waste. Although solar street lamps rely mainly on solar energy to generate electricity in the process of use, can save a lot of electricity, but a lot of project implementation is often late hope to rely on using save electricity to pay year by year, if the quality assurance for a year, only means that the huge investment cannot take back. To avoid the occurrence of the hidden trouble, it is best to solar street lamps manufacturer to properly select material, production to adapt to the range, the maneuverability is strong, strong anti-interference ability, high levels of solar street light. At the same time, the government should establish the standards and quality inspection system, strengthen supervision, standardize the market for good, give & other industry development; The market this invisible hand & throughout; 。 To improve the solar street light tendering requirements, quality assurance until at least five years, and enforce standards. To strict qualification examination, bid solar street lamps factory improved solar street light & other In change bad Mafia & throughout; Present situation, at the same time, promote the healthy development of the solar street light.
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