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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

the integration of lithium battery of solar street light compared with the traditional solar street light more convenient installation, conventional solar street lamp installation need to dig two foundation, a lamp light pole foundation is another battery foundation ( Figure) , between the two ground foundation pit need to reserve the threading hole, connect the battery and lamp, street lamp wiring installation time need to connect (professional and technical personnel General factory technical personnel) Integrated lithium battery solar street lights can be mounted to the cement pole, wall and other support. The installation place more flexible. Need to install the number less, setup time faster, save a lot of installation cost

the lithium iron phosphate li-ion battery is more efficient, longer life integrated solar street light commonly used lead-acid battery and lithium phosphate battery, lead acid battery charging loop number of times, and lithium iron phosphate recharge cycles number for more than once; Lithium battery voltage is high, the average a monomer battery voltage can be achieved. V or. V, and lithium battery with high energy storage density, current density of lithium batteries used to Wh/kg, is lead-acid battery times

the integration of lithium battery of solar street lights maintenance when only the lamp holder to be removed, the site maintenance or directly returned to the factory maintenance ( My company usually adopt to return factory repair) , the traditional solar street lamps must carry on the maintenance to technical personnel on the scene, increase a certain maintenance costs ( Maintenance costs mainly include technology business trip expenses) 。
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