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Incandescent lamps over 60 watts are banned. LED lights become the protagonist of the store

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-20
According to the roadmap of the National Development and Reform Commission to phase out incandescent lamps, the import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent bulbs above 60 Watts will be banned from October 1 this year. Recently, the reporter visited the Zhongshan Market and learned that due to the good gloss effect of incandescent lamps, some crystal lamps are still in use, and because of their low price, some workers at the construction site still use their lighting. The market can still buy more than 60 watts of incandescent lamps. Recently, the reporter visited 10 lighting stores in Gongchen Road and found that there are still 7 stores that have more than 60 watts of incandescent bulbs. However, the store said that the sales volume is already very small. There are very few customers who buy incandescent bulbs alone, but because the gloss effect is better than LED lights, the proportion of crystal lamp ornaments and chandeliers using incandescent bulbs is still very high. The staff of a lighting store in Gongchen Road said. The staff of another lighting store said that incandescent bulbs are now less popular, and it is normal to sell an incandescent bulb in a month. The high-power incandescent lamps currently sold in the store are 60 watts and 25 watts. She said that incandescent lamps consume electricity and have a short life. They are already obsolete products. We introduce more LED lights to customers. Since last year, China has banned the sale of incandescent lamps over 100 watts, but the reporter also found 200 watts of incandescent lamps in a hardware store in the Eastern District. The shopkeeper said that this kind of light bulb is cheap, many people buy lighting when decorating, and some construction sites also use 200 watt incandescent light bulbs. The use of LED lights and energy-saving lamps has become the mainstream. The reporter noticed that almost all the shelves on the shelves of various lighting stores are LED lights and energy-saving lamps. Incandescent lamps will only be taken out when asked about the clerk. In a well-known brand of lighting stores, staff said that LED lights and energy-saving lamps have become the mainstream of the market, and incandescent lamps are not currently available in the store. Incandescent lamps consume a lot of electricity and are easy to break. It is worthwhile to use energy-saving lamps, so many users prefer energy-saving lamps or LED lamps. The staff member said. Before the National Development and Reform Commission announced the road map for the phase-out of incandescent lamps, Guangdong province has promoted efficient lighting products. Zhongshan City started the promotion activities of the financial subsidy project for high-efficiency lighting products in 2009. According to the statistics of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, 2009- In 2012, our city promoted 189 high-efficiency lighting products. 83. 72 million, exceeding the promotion tasks assigned by the province.
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