In June, the price of LED bulbs fluctuated slightly The Chinese market fell significantly-ALLTOP-im

In June, the price of LED bulbs fluctuated slightly. The Chinese market fell significantly

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-22
According to the research institution Jibang technology (TrendForce) According to its LEDinside new LED bulb retail price survey, this year (2014) In June, the average retail price of 40 w led bulbs was about 0. 9 rose slightly, reaching 14. $4. Among them, the price drop in the US is more obvious. The average price of LED bulbs replacing 60W is 0. 6 fell to 19. $4. LEDinside observed that the prices of some commodities replacing 40W and 60W in China fell significantly in the quarter, with the overall quarterly decline reaching 19. 5% respectively. 7/and 9. 8. Mainly due to the rapid price reduction of local brand goods, such as Foshan Lighting, Hyde lighting, etc. , continue to lower product prices. In addition, some high-priced items of international brands have temporarily withdrawn from the market due to the adjustment of sales, which has also led to a decline in average prices. At present, the overall price in China is low in all major regions. LEDinside believes that there are still obvious price differences between local brands and international brands in China's LED bulb lamp market. Different from the low-price strategy adopted by international manufacturers in the United States and Europe, the price of Philips and Osram brand bulb lamps in China is still far higher than the average. In addition, due to the weakness of cost and resources, international brands are currently difficult to fight against Chinese brands in terms of price. However, the low-priced products of local brands are generally weak in brand image and product performance, which also leads to the inability of consumer acceptance and trust to improve rapidly. Therefore, the increase in the market penetration rate of LED bulb lamps cannot match the rate of price decline. Prices in different regions have different trends, with average prices fluctuating slightly. The average price of 40W commodities in the United States showed 5. 5% in June. 3 fell sharply. The prices of some of the original commodities entered the promotion period, such as GE's 9W bulb lamp, which fell by in June; In addition, Philips's 8W dimmable bulb price has also dropped sharply this month. The average price of 40W bulbs in other regions has not been significantly lowered this month. Replacing the 60W commodity part, the price in Germany in June was 25. 4 fell sharply. The original commodity prices are basically stable or downward, and some commodity prices are significantly reduced, such as LG12. 8W bulb lamp, price from 14. 8 dollars down to 7. $9. In addition, some of the original high-priced goods temporarily withdrew from the market, such as OSRAM part of the price of more than 30 US dollars of bulb lamps, this month stopped selling. However, prices in Japan rose sharply in June, reaching 18. $3. The original commodity prices showed a fluctuating trend, and some low-priced items were temporarily suspended for sale. For example, KEIAN12W880LM bulb lamp, the original price was about 13. $8. In addition, exchange rate changes have also led to an increase in average prices.
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