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In July, the revenue of Dongbeiyi crystal power fell year-on-year

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-19
Dongbei Optoelectronics announced on the 7th that the combined revenue in July was 0. 5 billion yuan ( New Taiwan dollar, the same below, equivalent to about RMB 98. 05 million), Down 16 from the previous month. 6, also a significant decrease of 37. 4. Dongbei Optoelectronics spokesperson Weng Congzhi said that the overall revenue slowdown in July was mainly due to the international lighting factory clearing the bulb inventory at a low price, which affected the market price order. This P'tit Dej in addition to keep at present high-order performance models the at the same time will launch low-cost design version of bulb products to positive response market of Demand Estimation in 3rd season after, order demand should be seen month by month. Weng Congzhi pointed out that Philips, a major European and American manufacturer, vigorously promotes half-cycle LED low-cost bulbs. At present, the retail price of LED bulbs is about 3 ~ 4 yuan, has been able to completely replace the traditional energy-saving light bulb (CFL) This will help the supply and demand of the lighting market, and the penetration rate of LED bulbs will be only about 10 in the first half of this year- 13. Under the new lighting bulb structure, it is estimated that the LED lighting penetration rate will double in the second half of the year, which is equivalent to 10 ~ Demand for 1. 2 billion bulbs. In addition, LED manufacturers Yiguang and Jingdian also announced July revenue simultaneously. Yiguang announced on the 7th that it had a July 2015 revenue of 22. 5. 3 billion yuan (Equivalent to RMB about 4. RMB 4. 2 billion), Down 7 from last month. 21, a decrease of 13 compared with last year. 75; Cumulative 2015 1-July revenue 165. 5. 3 billion yuan (Equivalent to RMB about 32. RMB 4. 9 billion), Compared with last year's year-on-year growth of 0. 13. Jingdian announced on the 7th that it had a revenue of 21 in July 2015. 1. 1 billion yuan (Equivalent to RMB about 4. RMB 1. 4 billion), An increase of 10. 07, down 24 from last year. 23; Cumulative 2015 1-July revenue 155. 2. 6 billion yuan (Equivalent to RMB about 30. RMB 4. 8 billion)Compared with last year, it decreased by 9. 48
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