In 2018, the LED industrial lighting market will reach 39 3 5 billion dollars-ALLTOP-img

In 2018, the LED industrial lighting market will reach 39. 3. 5 billion dollars

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-03
According to the new 'industrial lighting and patio lamp market trend' report of industry organizations, industrial lighting plays an important role in the lighting industry, especially with alternative lighting products (LED bulbs and lamps in general stores, etc) Price competition is fierce, so more and more LED manufacturers hope to enter the field of industrial lighting to enhance their profitability. It estimates that the LED industrial lighting market in 2015 will reach 23. US $6. 6 billion, to 39 in 2018. $3. 5 billion. The author said that the energy-saving effect of LED can make industrial lighting more cost-effective and more competitive than household lighting under long-term use, and there is more incentive for the industry to replace LED Tianjing lamp products. In addition, the performance of LED lighting products will be improved and the price will be further reduced, coupled with the advantages of industrial lighting products, the industrial lighting market will become 2015- The focus of competition between LED packaging and lighting manufacturers in 2016. LED patio lamps account for a large proportion of lamps, which are divided into industrial and mining and universal ( That is, it is used in indoor and outdoor places such as warehouses and sports venues)In the development of industrial lighting market as a major focus. Due to the use of LED light source, it does not need preheating time and can be turned off instantly. In addition, the long service life of the product also saves the maintenance cost, which can greatly save the electricity cost compared with HID light source for a long time. With the improvement of LED technology and heat dissipation capability, 80 W- 250WLED patio lamp products are the mainstream in the market, with a luminous flux of about 10,000 lm-30,000 lm, illuminance about 275-300lux. Since the Tianjing lamp products have not yet fully entered the standardized products, the price strategy will depend on the product specifications and regions. Among them, the price of Chinese manufacturers' products is low, and the product specifications are small, so that the pricing is relatively fixed and the price fluctuation is small. At present, major industrial lighting manufacturers include GE Lighting, CREE and CooperLighting in the United States; Japan's Iwasaki Electric, Toshiba and China Ocean King have performed well in recent years. The ultra-high power LED light source introduced by CREE reduces the cost and makes the structural design of the product simpler; GE's light sources are all modular and emphasize heat dissipation design, with a product life of 100,000 hours.
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