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In 2017, the first year of the light health industry has arrived?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-04
At the beginning of this year, the president of a listed company decorated his home. He called me for help and said that there was no lamp product on the market that could experience a healthy feeling. Therefore, he told me that he wanted to buy in Europe. I joked that more than 90 of European lamp products are made in China. The reason why you can't buy the products you want in the Chinese market is that the lamps in the Chinese market are not positioned in the health. Wu Yulin, president of Foshan Lighting Association and general manager of Guangdong kaixiou lighting, held a technical seminar on health and light in Ningxia in October this year. During this period, the experts at the meeting had a serious disagreement on the topic of whether blue light is harmful to people's eyes or not. In December 9, the Nobel Prize winner, Nakamura xiuji, made an academic report at Fudan University. He pointed out that the LED (Refers to the blue yellow fluorescent powder) There are the following problems: strong blue light will disrupt the rhythm of human beings, cause endocrine disorders, inhibit melatonin secretion, and even cause cancer in severe cases. Foshan Lighting Association has conducted market research on popular brands and products in the market, including several well-known kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, government offices, etc. According to the final statistics, the blue light of the product is generally super high, and the index is around 70 (Solar spectrum is divided into parameters by 100) However, most consumers' cognition of light is limited to basic cognition such as lighting function and skills. In fact, the effect of light on human health care was recorded as early as four thousand years ago in ancient Greece. In fact, when a newborn is born with jaundice, it is generally irradiated with blue light for 6 hours each time. Under normal circumstances, it can be cured 13 times; During the operation, red light irradiation on the wound can accelerate the healing of the wound. Sunlight can decompose 7 colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, each of which has different effects on people. New German technology can divide visible light into 12 different light wavelengths and treat more than 300 diseases with light. On November 22, Gu Ying, an expert on harmless light therapy in the general hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, came to Foshan to give guidance on light Health. She pointed out that the country has promoted light therapy technology as a national strategy in the future, focusing on national scientific and technological forces for research and development, because it is a three-point Drug, and visible light therapy is basically harmless to people. When consumers realize the importance of light, new consumption concepts will be re-established. 2017 will be an extraordinary year. The light era is not over yet. The light era is coming, which also means the beginning of the first year of light Health.
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