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In 2015, all LED bulb lamps will use non-isolated power supply

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-05
LED driving power supply is a power converter that converts power supply into specific voltage and current to drive LED to emit light. It seems insignificant in the design of the whole lighting product, but it is extremely critical. Complying with the needs of the market, reducing costs, improving efficiency and reliability have become the goals of every enterprise. As a new generation of light source, LED's plasticity in light source naturally provides differentiated development ideas for many LED manufacturers. Now, according to the development of the market, LED bulb lamp power supply has naturally entered the market, in 2015, the bulb lamp power supply will be completely isolated by non-isolation instead. At present, the mainstream 3W drive power supply in the market: 3WLED bulb lamp is one of the markets with large consumption demand. At present, the mainstream scheme is 3x 1 W, each lamp bead is 3. 3 V/300mA, the load is formed by connecting three lamp beads in series, and the output load is 10 V/300mA. Since the grid voltage is greatly different from the output load voltage after rectification, the suitable way is to use flyback isolation Buck drive. However, the isolation circuit has complex structure, many devices, high cost, low efficiency and low reliability, and is not suitable for mass production. Compared with the isolation circuit, the non-isolation circuit has simple circuit, few devices, small volume, low cost and high efficiency. With the market's demand for cost and efficiency, non-isolated circuits are beginning to enter the stage in the field of low-power LED driving.
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