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In 2014, the export performance of China's LED lighting products was obvious

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-03
With the acceleration and integration of China's economy, these explorations have spread all over the world, and exotic flowers are blooming. This is even more obvious in the export of LED lighting products. Compared with the European and American markets, the emerging market's short-selling and high value-added products are outstanding. The 'China LED lighting export Quarterly Report' released by industry organizations shows that the category structure of lighting products occupying the market in Europe, the United States and Japan is quite concentrated, all of them are bulb lamps, spotlights, tube lamps, downlights, light bars and interior decoration lamps, which account for more than 50% of the market. Due to the large demand, open market, numerous manufacturers, fierce competition and close price transparency of these lighting products, the prices of Chinese enterprises are basically pressed to zero when negotiating with foreign buyers, with low profit margins. On the other hand, high value-added lamps represented by street lamps, tunnel lamps and explosion-proof lamps are growing rapidly in emerging market countries. Russia and the United Arab Emirates are second only to the United States, Japan and Britain. The downlight market is Australia, Russia is also China's large explosion-proof lamp market and the top three projection lamp market, while the fast-growing region of street lamps and tunnel lamps in the first half of the year is Latin America, and Chile has become the largest export destination of road lighting products in the first half of the year. In addition, Malaysia is the second largest aquarium lamp market. As we all know, the price of light source lighting appliances is far lower than that of professional lamps such as street lamps, tunnel lamps and explosion-proof lamps. Analysis of Customs data by industry agencies shows that the Average FOB price for bulb lamps and spotlights is about 5 ~ About $15/only; The unit power price is basically below US $1/W, the profit is relatively thin, and the small profits but quick turnover route is taken. The average price of street lights, tunnel lights, explosion-proof lights, and projection lights is hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars. At the end of June 2014, data from industry organizations showed that the average price of street lamps was about 250 USD/lamp, and the average price per unit power was more than 5 USD/W. Its added value was obviously higher, and its profits were definitely higher, at the same time, the ability to resist falling prices is much stronger than the previous types of lamps. According to industry data, the FOB price of bulb lamps has fallen by more than 80 in the past three years, while the price of street lamps has fallen by about 40. However, due to the high quality, brand, design and performance requirements of these high value-added products, domestic manufacturers need to improve product quality and strengthen design in order to open up the situation in emerging markets.
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