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In 2014, LED marketing mode will develop towards business

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-26
As a sales platform, how to ensure that the settled merchants make money is the focus of all the work of the LED lighting store, and letting the merchants make money in the business may be one of the development directions of the future lighting store. After more than 30 years of development, the lighting industry has become increasingly mature and has also given birth to a large number of professional stores. Although the construction of lighting stores all over the country is in full swing, the way out for the development of lighting stores is not clear. Merchants often retreat from the store, and many stores are in panic. From the business to the business, perhaps many people will have doubts about this, is it the restoration of the marketing model? As early as the early stage of the development of the lighting industry, because the supply is less than the demand, the production enterprises have dealers to queue up to pick up the goods as long as the products are produced, which also forms the unique industrial form of dengdu ancient town. All manufacturers are just waiting for dealers from all over the country to purchase in the salesroom. This model is called a business in the industry. It was not until the beginning of the new century that Opal lighting took the lead in recruiting salespeople in the lighting industry and sent them to various markets across the country to expand its channels that it broke the business model and the industry began to enter the business stage. There is no doubt that the business model has brought the lighting industry into a brand-new marketing era, changing the passive sales of enterprises in the past and starting to take the initiative. Today, after more than ten years of development and deepening, the business model has derived a subdivision model, but no matter how subdivided, its overall direction is unchanged, that is, going out. Lighting lighting enterprises need a business model. Why do lighting stores change merchants from business to business? In response, Guo Xiu, managing director of China Jiangmen international green light source Expo trading center, said that the store has formed strategic cooperation with procurement resources such as designers, distributors and engineers to attract more procurement resources to purchase, let the settled merchants receive orders without leaving their homes. This kind of business model is undoubtedly to help the merchants make money. The completion of investment promotion can only be counted as 1/3 of our work. The next 1/3 is how to make the settled merchants make money. This is what Guo Xiu has always stressed. Because he is very clear, only let the settled merchants have money to earn in Guangbo Hui, there is room for development, in order to keep the merchants for a long time. It is undoubtedly the high realm of the store to let the merchants make money in the business. This requires that the operator of the lamp store must have this awareness and ability to do it. Looking around, at present, some professional lighting stores in the upstream production areas of China, most of them play the role of a landlord, just a pure rent-collecting woman, the landlord out of the House, the merchant rents. Because the store lacks management, promotion, operation and other work, the flow of people in the store is scarce, let alone the turnover. Xiaobian analysis: for the lighting store, the future development direction is to help merchants grow in the business. Looking at some of the rising stores, we are also fortunate to see guangbohui, LED China Kyushu City and other efforts to develop in this regard.
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