In 2014, LED lighting chips became a major application in the industry

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-28
It is predicted that the demand for lighting chips will exceed that of backlight sources in 2014 and become a major application in the industry. 2013 since with the lighting market of gradually start LED market growth speed up all annual output value 12. 4 billion beauty yuan growth rate to 17. In 2014, the industrial growth rate will further accelerate, and the annual output value is expected to reach 17. 8 billion US dollars. Xu Wenhui believes that since the penetration rate of LED in backlight field has exceeded 90, while the penetration rate in lighting market is only 7, the main growth space in the future is in lighting field. According to DisplaySearch's prediction, the demand for lighting chips will exceed that of backlight sources in 2014, becoming a major application in the industry. The main driving force of the last round of LED boom cycle is the demand for liquid crystal backlight. Backlight products have high technical requirements. Enterprises in the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have focused on the backlight market with high technology and good profits; On the other hand, Chinese mainland enterprises have limited technology accumulation, mainly undertaking overflow orders such as display screens, and their status in the industry is relatively marginalized. Xu Wenhui said that the main factor in this round of LED demand recovery is lighting. The requirements of lighting products on LED chip technology are generally lower than those of backlight sources, while leading domestic LED chip enterprises have made remarkable progress in technology in the past few years through research and development investment and talent introduction.
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