In 2013, Zhou Ming's scientific and technological performance increased greatly

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-07
State the Science and Technology released 2013 annual report reporting period in the company achieved operating income 7. 8. 9 billion yuan, up year on year. 81; Net profit reached 39. 95 million yuan, up 37. 5% year on year. 95; Among them, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 3297. 170 thousand yuan, up year on year. 26. State the Science and Technology said reporting period in business income 2013 is 2012 increase the 29. 81. The main reason is that with the completion of Pingshan production base, the main body of the company's investment project, the company's production capacity has been fully released, and LED display products represented by UTV, UMESH and other series have steadily increased their penetration rate and share in the market segments, directly promoting the increase of operating income. At the same time, during the reporting period, the company realized the integration and focus of resources according to the established strategy at the beginning of the year, further improving the overseas market share of LED lighting, and greatly improving the lighting performance compared with 2012. In addition continent the Science and Technology said ownership in listed the company common stock shareholders of net profit total is 2012 of increased by 45. 26, mainly due to the increase in sales revenue and the growth in the performance of the holding subsidiary, radio.
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