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IGOO company releases smart lamp products in Shanghai

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-12
After smart phones and smart wear, LED lights have also begun an intelligent process. A few days ago, IGOO company released a smart lamp product in Shanghai, which can display the light and shadow effect of touch and a remote controller similar to iPhone. Like other smart devices, smart lights have become a combination of computers and lights. This product has 4GB of storage space, which can store music and light music programs and support Bluetooth connection. Guangqu is the intelligent place of this product. The product defaults to the light characteristics and rhythm of various scenes. The color, speed and conversion of light can be changed according to music and environment. At the same time, IGOO said that Guangqu is diversified and personalized. Because of this, the Guangqu editing platform of the smart light is open, and users can edit it themselves and upload it, users can also download the light Songs edited by other users on the platform. Smart lights are still a relatively advanced concept, because light and lights are easy to be ignored in the home experience, but IGOO smart lights products also give some new ideas to this neglected corner. Gao Yuan, CEO of IGOO team, said that the company has developed hardware and software for a long time and has applied for many patents, hoping that this product can create a new market. At present, IGOO smart lamps are priced at 3999 Yuan, and the company will also open an experience store in Shanghai.
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