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IEC film and television stage lighting international standard released

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-11
In May 30, 2017, IEC released IEC60598-2-17 'lamps and lanterns-2nd-Part 17: special requirements-Stage lighting, television, film and photography venues (Indoor and outdoor)The 2017 edition of 'lighting (Version 2nd). IEC 60598-2- 17:2017 stipulates the use of electric light sources, power supply voltage not exceeding 1000 V, outdoor and indoor use of stage, television, film and photography studio lamps (Including spotlights and floodlight)Requirements. The second edition canceled and replaced the 1984 edition and the 1990 edition. This edition is a technical revision. This edition includes the following major technical changes to the previous version: a) The scope of application ranges from light source to electric light source, and electric light source is used to replace tungsten wire, tubular fluorescent lamp and other discharge lamps in the scope. B) Considering many special situations of many LED lamps, such as the irreplaceability of the light source, the lack of glass bulb or the low working temperature of the light source, the relevant provisions have been modified, the relevant provisions will only apply to light source replaceable lamps, light sources with glass bulbs, or lamps with high surface temperature. For the film and television stage lamps that have already used a large number of LED light sources, the above-mentioned modification of the standard means loosening the LED lamps, which is conducive to the development and application of LED lamps for the film and television stage.
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