HTC mobile phone is accused of shrinking domestic CPU configuration or insufficient chip capacity

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-11
Recently, it has been reported that HTCOneS, a product that HTC has just entered the domestic market, has shrunk in CPU configuration compared with the European version of the product. Yesterday, the head of the public relations department of HTC told reporters that the domestic version of the CPU is indeed different from the overseas version, but it is not shrinking. It is reported that the CPU used by HTCOneS in the European market was Qualcomm S4 series MSM8260A dual-core processor with a main frequency of 1. 5 GHz. However, some time ago, when this model of product was listed in Taiwan, it was found that the CPU used was replaced by Qualcomm S3 series MSM8260 with a main frequency of 1. 7 GHz; The product that just entered the mainland market last week is the same as the Taiwan version. The head of the HTC Public Relations Department admitted that the CPU configuration was different, but denied that it had shrunk. The person in charge said that the European version of CPU is 1. 5 GHz, while the domestic version has been replaced by the previous generation, but the main frequency has also increased to 1. 7 GHz. However, HTC did not explain why it would replace the product CPU. The industry speculated that the chip capacity may be insufficient.
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