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How will the LED industry develop at the critical point in 2014?

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-31
The lighting industry has always been full of stories. Since the new LED light source entered the lighting industry luxuriously, with the response to the new energy green lighting, the support of the national energy-saving policy and the popularity of the capital market for the new energy sector, the bright and dark surge in the lighting jianghu was pushed to the forefront. 2014 is not only the outbreak period of dangerous lighting industry transformation, but also the LED lighting development period entering a prosperous era. At present, the focus of the whole industry is undoubtedly how to live? What kind of posture does it take to live? Because the industry has entered a crazy critical point, living is more important than ever. From the perspective of super dealers, there are three different feelings of not reconciling, not worrying, and not being happy. The following is the right number: I want to have high, upper, and large traditional brands, I also want to get rid of the counter-effects brought by too strong policy intervention and short-term transformation and adaptation period; As for the high, rich and handsome new enterprises, they also feel that the handsome guy has no original heart and the deeper connotation is slightly insufficient; For the small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, it is a blessing to have the opportunity to communicate with each other. On the other hand, dealers are also classified into the above three categories by manufacturers. Therefore, this is a normal state of the heart, and it is a very equivalent game. LED impact brings a bad situation in the lighting industry, but it is also a good opportunity. There is no doubt that the high transparency and openness of the industrial chain are reflected in the mature supporting forms of light source technology, optical technology, heat dissipation technology, driving technology, intelligent response, product structure, technology and industrial chain resources. Further lowering the profits of the entire industry is the highlight of the current LED in addition to energy-saving contributions. Users laughed, the industry media laughed, the hardware die-casting factory smiled, and the optical kit company smiled, however, most of the LED lighting sources, drivers, finished lamp factories and distributors are crying. To elaborate on the factories, the three types of enterprises defined above are actually not in a good situation. First of all, the traditional old brand, the pain of transformation is certain, basically waiting for the market to mature, the morale is affected, effectively avoiding investment risks, however, it missed the enthusiastic high-profit opportunity of dealers, giving new brands in the industry the opportunity to encroach on development. At the same time, there are government-supported enterprises at all provincial levels, and municipal projects in regional markets and energy-saving renovation of state-owned enterprises have also been divided up, so the concentration point is still a functional style that has been pulled down in profits. To break the game, enterprises must naturally sacrifice profits, and also limit dealers to reduce profits to meet the impact of price thresholds. Secondly, quite a number of new LED brands have strong financial and technical backgrounds, and chips and light sources are effective, but Channel penetration is still the competition of products and services, it seems wishful thinking to find high, high and large traditional dealers to cooperate. At the same time, these excellent dealers are all in the hands of traditional lighting brands. They have high expectations for the LED of traditional brands, unless the original owner has done nothing, either it is difficult to let it represent other brands of products. For small and medium-sized micro-enterprises, their own foundation and resources are quite weak. If technical or price-based enterprises can give full play to their due advantages, they can still live a good life. If there are no bright spots, then I think it is a wise choice to abandon. This year, it is not easy to stay and stay. The consolidated relationship between manufacturers is even more difficult to come by. The deep binding of interests is the general trend. We cannot completely use the two feelings for a long time, in the good wishes of the day and night to understand, life is a problem, how long? The circle of lighting is not big, even if you break up, I only hope that both sides can say generously: If you are well, it will be sunny.
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