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How to make up for the five virtual LED enterprises in 2014?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-01
Towards the end of the year, many bosses will complain that there are no new tricks and new models this year, otherwise there will be better and more business. Don't think that when LED comes, you have to have a new way of life. The foundation of the enterprise is not solid and the physique is not perfect. Even if you beat chicken blood for a while, you will collapse faster after a while of excitement. The so-called virtual is not replenished, not at the same time to fill the following five virtual, and then the new model is just a cake. One is guilty. The business positioning and goals of bosses and executives are often uncertain, especially in the LED mix, the pattern can not be seen clearly, and the trend can not be judged. The ideas are changed every day; Not only oneself, but also subordinates are passive and uneasy. The other side of the guilty conscience is the great leap forward of the goal and the extravagant style of the goal, which breaks away from its own ability and resource constraints and also deviates from the natural law of market growth. The second is physical weakness. Many transformed LED lighting companies lack independent organization and evaluation incentive mechanism. Lighting business is grafted and parasitic on the original system and internal resources are shared, but the result is often fantasy, this is like a bloody heart that also scores the kidney function of taking away urine, which is extremely unlikely. Even if there is an independent system, the structure is unclear, the responsibilities are unclear, the position is incomplete and the process is poor. There is a system but it is not perfect, either incomplete or disabled. The third is kidney deficiency. The company is lack of essence and Yang, lack of morale and passion, and is lifeless from top to bottom. Many companies have a strict assessment system, but they often turn the company into a cold company with no human touch or enthusiasm. Marketing is practice, and people are productive forces. This is different from scientific experiments that can produce results without continuous passion. It is difficult to have a good harvest. The fourth is blood deficiency. The company lacks competitive advantages and deposits. It is a three-no enterprise without sufficient technology, resources and funds, and lacks power and energy for progress. Even the necessary product sections lack lineup, combination and hierarchy, and lack the ability and capital to update and replace products. In the fierce market competition, there is a lack of killer and effective Aerobic blood delivery. The fifth is qi deficiency. No idea and no ability to fight a protracted war. In the past two years, there have been many short-lived companies in the LED lighting market. This kind of company with shortness of breath and deficiency of Qi sometimes does not really lack strength, but does not know how to be lucky and powerful, market movements did not occur at good times and good locations. If the virtual is not replenished, any enterprise with dreams should first self-examine, timely judge and make up for the weakness, and have the foundation of the new living method next year.
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