How to make the solar garden light can work long term dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Solar garden light is usually suitable for garden scenic spot, is used in places such as walking street, square, solar garden light in the form of decoration and lighting source configuration system lighting, led solar garden light type belongs to decorate outdoor solar lighting products. Now a lot of users are focus on the service life of the solar garden light and shape design, want to achieve in the two major objectives, then install the basis of work must be well done! 1 the focus of the solar garden lamp installation work. In front of the solar garden light fixed anchor installation of lamps and lanterns, the first thing to determine an obstruction to the solar energy battery components without sunscreen, daylighting, if you have covered in content, impede registration of solar panels, so we need to avoid installation or take other installation method through consultation. 2. Carried out in accordance with the manufacturer to provide the related technical requirements for the anchor embedded lamps and lanterns, and wait until the embedded parts to achieve the required strength installation requirements, to carry out the installation work of lamps and lanterns. 3. Anchor must give to tighten the screw and nut can not leak and relaxation, storage battery and form a complete set screw threading pipe connection must be fixed tightly. 4. According to the solar garden light diagram wiring method will line connected and the reasonable installation of solar garden light lamps and lanterns, and ensure the light pole not tilt. 5. To adjust solar battery components panel in accordance with the guidance of the compass facing due south, this is the best Angle of solar panels to absorb heat, the normal charge of per day. As long as the basis of the solar led garden light work, to avoid frequent problems, solar garden light system changes in plants could also shorten the service life of the solar garden light, as time passes the rehabilitation of the solar garden light advantage becomes meaningless, so the foundation is one of the most important! The above supplied with lighting. More questions, please click on the picture on the right counseling online customer service.
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