How to lower the price of integrated solar street light

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

how to lower the price of integrated solar street light? Integrated solar street light compared with the traditional street lamp is a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection green infrastructure, now our country is also energetically advocated to save energy and protect the environment, so a lot of cities and regions in the construction of street lights will choose not to need to use electricity integrated solar street light. But the professional integration of solar energy street light prices generally are relatively high, sometimes far beyond street construction budget, so also should choose the most suitable for the local environment when buy has the highest ratio of street lamp.

in the integration of solar street lights when the choose and buy, had better look for professional personnel for consultation, generally in the areas with more sufficient sunshine recommended installation integrated solar street light, if the sun light is weak or sunshine time is shorter, not recommended to install the integration of solar street light. Even if is relatively high, but if the street lamp installation integrated solar street light overall still can save a lot of electricity. Although in some areas of the sun light is not long, but most of the integration of solar street light has two sets of power supply system, can use solar energy into electrical energy can also be used directly city power supply.

but still no large-scale power supply in some areas in China, the integrated solar street light is the most suitable for the installation in this area. Generally no large-scale power supply area of the traffic is not very high, and most of the main vehicle travel time is concentrated in the midnight, so the lights just before midnight on the power supply is ok. For this region had better choose integrated solar street light price is relatively high, because most of these areas are relatively remote, both street lights maintenance or replacement is relatively complex, one-time buy best quality, can use for a long time of street lamp.

if you want to reduce the price of the integration of solar street light, can consider street lamp body quality, solar panels solar energy conversion ability, storage capacity of the battery, etc. Which one is the most critical. Key parts can choose the specification of the relatively low price is relatively cheap. In addition, if you don't pursue complex street lamp modelling, also can lower the price of integrated solar street light.
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