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How to land LED intelligent lighting 'chaos?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-29
Although in the field of intelligent lighting, companies outside the industry such as Xiaomi and Haier have entered the market one after another, many lighting companies are in and out, and the terminal market is in chaos, but many aspiring companies are still determined to take the road of wisdom, because they believe: Development of wisdom, I am not wishful thinking. 1. Intelligent lighting, what do you think? Xie Lunhua, chairman of Foshan Langshi lighting: based on the advantages of LED lighting, intelligent lighting has developed rapidly in the past two years. Intelligent lighting is the embodiment of high technology and fashion, and the consumer group is mainly young people. Compared with traditional lighting, intelligent lighting can achieve the purpose of safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency, so it has better development prospects in the fields of home, office, business and public facilities. Li Siqing, general manager of Guangdong Futian electric appliance: With the advancement of intelligence and the continuous improvement of user awareness, the intelligent market has developed rapidly, but intelligent lighting is restricted by technical and environmental factors, as a result, it is difficult for its market to form integration, the interaction between environment and products is lacking, and there is a constraint effect. Xu Zhenfeng, general manager of Foshan Guoxing photoelectric lighting division: the current problems of LED intelligent lighting are :(1)High cost; (2) Lack of open communication protocol and no unified standard; (3) Lack of sufficient user experience, users' awareness of LED intelligence is not high. Using intelligence to enhance the added value of LED lighting is indeed an important direction for the future LED industry, but it should not be the mainstream direction in the short term. 2, intelligent lighting, Why optimistic? Hu Weiyue, general manager of Zhongshan qimeiao lighting: qimeiao lighting began to get involved in intelligent lighting in 2009. In recent years, LED lighting has developed rapidly, and vicious competition in products and prices has followed. The result of vicious competition is that enterprises with capital strength survive and enterprises without capital strength are eliminated. Surviving enterprises need to implement transformation. Integration with high-tech electronic technology is a trend, which will surely bring more opportunities. This is why I am optimistic about intelligent lighting. Zhao Nengxiang, general manager assistant and marketing director of Guangdong Jinli electric appliance: SOK's exploration and practice in the field of intelligent lighting are at the forefront of the industry. As we all know, LED lighting products can be reduced by 40-40 compared with traditional energy-saving lamps-50 energy consumption; SOK intelligent control LED on this basis, through the humanized design and management of intelligent control system, energy consumption can be saved by 30- 40, double energy saving effect superposition, final energy saving as high as 70-90. Xu Zhenfeng, general manager of Foshan Guoxing photoelectric lighting division: not all LED enterprises involved in intelligent lighting regard intelligent lighting as their main business, and the share of intelligent lighting in the whole LED lighting industry is relatively small, functional lighting is still the mainstream. However, intelligent lighting will become a powerful weapon for enterprises to compete in differentiation and enrich their product systems. Therefore, in the long run, not doing intelligent lighting will restrict the development and growth of LED enterprises. 3, foreign companies influx, attitude geometry? Xie Lunhua, chairman of Foshan Langshi lighting: I agree with the influx of foreign enterprises into the field of intelligent lighting. Hu Weiyue, general manager of Zhongshan Chi Mei Ao lighting: I think it is a good thing for foreign companies to join the field of intelligent lighting. I am looking forward to the combination of enterprises inside and outside the industry according to their own advantages to create more opportunities and wealth together. Xu Zhenfeng, general manager of Foshan Guoxing photoelectric lighting division: Looking at the LED lighting industry in recent years, there has been an explosive growth. As the market is open, we hold an inclusive attitude towards foreign enterprises entering the field of intelligent lighting, and we also welcome enterprises from various industries to join us. Zhejiang sunshine lighting market planning director Hu can: each industry has its own development characteristics. New technologies may change the way of purchase, but they will not subvert the nature of demand. Therefore, I still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the development of intelligent lighting for enterprises outside the industry. In addition, the consumption characteristics of the lighting industry will not change either. Lighting is a category with low attention and demand will not increase explosively. The development of enterprises should focus on steady progress. 4. What are the advantages of non-industrial enterprises? Xu Zhenfeng, general manager of Foshan Guoxing photoelectric lighting division: most foreign companies developing intelligent lighting have mature intelligent control technology and overall scheme, but these foreign companies have no experience in developing functional LED lighting, some basic design concepts of LED lighting may be ignored; Secondly, it may reduce the performance of other products except the control function in LED lighting lamps or affect the reliability of the lamps themselves. Chairman of Foshan Langshi lighting Xie Lunhua: the advantages of foreign enterprises such as Xiaomi and Haier include: 1. Brand advantage and financial strength; 2. Research and development technology and team. Their deficiency lies in their lack of experience in the lighting industry. Hu can, director of Zhejiang sunshine lighting market planning: foreign enterprises have advantages in capital and intelligent technology, and may acquire and merge some small and medium-sized lighting enterprises through capital advantages. Using new concept packaging to make enterprises grow explosively is the way for enterprises to operate for a long time.
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