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How to install solar led street lights?

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

Solar led street lights are widely promoted in the construction of new rural areas because of their long life, good lighting effect and no need for wiring. They are deeply loved by rural people. However, many villagers do not know how to install solar led street lights. They always think that the installation is very complicated and requires solar street light manufacturers to send technicians to guide the installation. In fact, it is not necessary, the installation of solar led street lights is very simple. Our solar street light manufacturer will provide installation videos and installation instructions. You only need to find an electrician in the local area to complete its installation tasks. So how to install solar led street lights?

1. Observe the road on site, select the solar street lights, and mark them for later installation and construction.
2. Organize personnel to punctuate the position and dig the pits between the embedded parts and the battery waterproof box.
3. Put in embedded parts and pour cement.
4. Put the battery in the waterproof box, and place the PC hose for threading.
5. Wait for the concrete in the pit of the embedded parts to dry.
6. Assemble the battery panels, battery panel brackets, street lamps, and light poles on the ground and wire them.
7. Debug the corresponding angle of the solar panel through the bracket bolts.
8. Check whether the light is on normally, and use a crane to lift the light pole after it is correct. (If the light pole does not exceed the meter, three to four people can stand the light pole on the embedded part together)
9. When the lamp pole is upright, install the nut and washer on the embedded part screw and tighten it, and the installation is complete.

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