How to explore and apply talents in LED lighting enterprises?

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-03
In the LED lighting industry, workers sometimes recruit a lot of workers just for the peak season of tools; When the off-season comes, it is quickly fired; However, some enterprises never train employees and use them as soon as they come, and constantly recruit employees from peer enterprises; These phenomena can be the thirst of the enterprise in the short term, but in the long run, the enterprise is uncertain and will still fall into a spirit. Such an enterprise is not a healthy enterprise, but also an enterprise that is difficult to achieve rapid development. With the aggravation of the labor shortage in the Pearl River Delta, it is an indisputable fact that it is difficult to recruit workers. How to change the development mode and employment of LED lighting enterprises is something that every enterprise should seriously consider. In the long run, the way or system of employment is more important than marketing and research and development. Only when the team culture, team management and training system of LED lighting enterprises are perfect enough can LED lighting enterprises get faster promotion. In fact, in the current transformation of labor-intensive industries, it is a good time to play a good employee card. You can't see the battlefield and fight a few people back. The so-called weapons that can be understood as human weapons can also be understood as the skills and cohesion of the employees of the enterprise. From this perspective, in fact, it is now a critical period for the transformation and reform of the enterprise. Who can make full use of the resources of good people, who is the final winner. How to explore and utilize this resource? I think we can start from the following aspects. First of all, we must improve the treatment of employees. The vast majority of ordinary employees come for money. If you don't give enough money, the employees will naturally be slack or lost. However, improving their treatment is not to directly give them more money, which will not stimulate their potential. It is necessary to link more money with its performance. In this way, the company has not increased its costs, that is, it has increased the wages of employees and improved production efficiency. This is completely possible. Instead of watching employees complain about sabotage, it is better to give them an incentive mechanism to do more with their heart and do things well. Qualified enterprises can purchase automation equipment to improve work efficiency. When an employee's average monthly GDP can reach twice or three times that of other manufacturers, this time it is possible to give workers high wages and increase welfare. Once this is the case, will employees still be half-hearted? If there is still a boss who made his fortune relying on his strict attitude towards employees ten years ago, believing that Cormorants can chop lean meat on their legs and do not know how to share with employees to make the cake bigger, then his difficult current situation or future is to take it by himself, no wonder people. Secondly, we must fully respect employees and regard managing employees as a business for being a boss. With all due respect, in some bosses, employees are tools for making money. Employees seem to be inferior to others. They pay no attention to interests and are indifferent to employees, this is the performance of an unqualified enterprise. It is a matter of course to pursue profits in an enterprise, but managing talents must also be part of its achievements. Apart from those spiritual gains, it is only about how to manage talents for the enterprise, it is also its important duty. We must know that employees have not made progress and it is difficult for enterprises to make progress. Don't run away with the farmer's mentality that cultivates talents and runs away. It is also your yin, but if you care and love employees, how can you run away? If you understand this, you may as well save KTV singing and dancing time and go to the workshop to communicate with employees; It might as well save half past one the joy of wine and meat, and to understand the feelings of employees; You may as well put away your ugly face and give the staff a normal praise with a smile. Thirdly, to develop the resources of good people, we must also make good use of the mechanism. The fairness mechanism, communication mechanism and reward mechanism related to performance are various. They should all be produced by the current situation of the enterprise, so that employees can rise in the rules of the game to achieve the effect of encouraging the advanced and eliminating the backward. Not only that, but also use some systems and processes to regulate, such as the system to solve problems, so that mistakes can be found on the assembly line, and can not be wrong and wrong, consuming efficiency and quality. In short, a good mechanism can reduce errors, condense people's hearts, motivate advanced, and drive morale. All this should be carried out step by step according to the specific situation of the enterprise. Taking people as large resources to excavate, enterprises can send out different vitality from the inside out. I am willing to share with people in the LED lighting industry.
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