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How to establish the brand image of LED lighting?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-28
Whether e-commerce is recognized by 100 in the field of LED lighting, or whether e-commerce is really suitable for LED lighting, such concerns have not been eliminated. It is understood that the current sales channel competition between LED lighting enterprises and traditional lighting enterprises is still reflected in the competition of traditional dealers. Some insiders pointed out that in the Internet era, e-commerce is indeed one of the ideal sales channels for LED lighting. However, at this stage, China's LED lighting lacks industry standards and the quality of finished products is uneven, the vicious competition in the industry is very fierce, and online sales are unreliable, and it is more likely to disrupt the traditional wholesale and retail dealer channels. In fact, it is true. When opening Tmall or Jingdong Mall, it is not difficult to find that there are no good goods at a low price, and good goods are not cheap. More consumers are disappointed with LED lighting products sold on the Internet. However, the competition of LED lighting at this stage is undoubtedly reflected in the sales channel. Different from the old era, the sales mode of LED lighting is diversified. Who is right or wrong in network sales and entity sales? Who obeys who? Also need past. How to establish a brand image is a question that everyone thinks about. The entrepreneurial model is not innovative, and creating a brand is to climb mountains and mountains. There are only a few brands in the lighting industry that can make products. The general public knows few brands. How to solve the confusion of merchants and adapt to market changes and trends. In today's diversified sales methods, what is the confusion of merchants? Traditional lighting has a large inventory, the sales profit of traditional lighting is getting lower and lower, the notification is serious, the sales channel is single, the source of customers is continuously decreasing, and I do not know how to expand customers, so the market competition is becoming more and more cruel. Consumers know little about LED lighting and do not know how to choose? Users do not know how to select LED products. Why is it difficult based on traditional stores? Because the business model has lagged behind the times. In the Internet era, if a company does not have its own network brand, what you miss is not an opportunity, but an era. Now is the consumption era of the post-80s and post-90s, they are used to the network and rely on the network. The same is true of the United States, which is also dominated by e-commerce. It is understood that China's e-commerce scale will reach 205 billion in 2015. In fact, it may be faster and larger. E-Commerce grabs users and grabs the future. Mobile internet will bring rapid changes to e-commerce. Upright walking is considered to be a symbol of human origin. From the Internet to the mobile Internet, it is like animals starting to walk on their own. The value of mobile internet lies in making Internet services ubiquitous. The time for users to contact the interactive King is more than ten times that of the PC Internet. LED e-commerce network sales, heavy money to build ERP information system, mature research and development design capabilities, strong data analysis capabilities, etc. Unified distribution of goods, inventory without pressure. The goods ordered by the dealer can be delivered quickly. Multi-channel is comprehensive and weak, and data marketing is more accurate. Collect more data from each other and do marketing more accurately. WeChat does different marketing through different groups. Make the combination of products according to different home decoration fields, make an open platform, and let distributors become the directors of enterprise platforms. Distributors select products, finalize the design, price, and then manufacture and check the quality together. E-commerce not only sells lights to make money, but also makes profits by selling services. All the lights sold are allowed to be given to dealers. The positioning is that service providers make money by value-added services. Many manufacturers have become suppliers and partners. At present, we are discussing with many designers to form a self-service sales platform for products and solutions. Provide product selection books, implement private customization demand questionnaire, and solve one thousand problems. Is private customization expensive? In the Internet era, it seems to be a good service, or feel a good service. It is understood that at the same time to do online and offline services. The basis of making a brand needs to be done together from the aspects of channel, product, price and promotion. Product and price strategy, first-line brand quality and third-line brand price are issues that many enterprises need to think about. Lighting brand characteristics in LED era: model innovation, product innovation, rapid reflection, finished products and market segmentation. The development gene relies on the power of innovation and the power of business model to promote capital, to research and design industry, to help enterprises take off with capital, to take research as the core of enterprises, and to take talents as the cornerstone. Choosing a growing enterprise with innovative business model can bring an innovative change to the industry and a brand-new model to everyone.
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