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How to do daily maintenance of high pole lights?

by:ALLTOP      2023-02-04

In the process of daily maintenance of equipment such as high pole lamps, everyone must understand the existing maintenance methods based on their actual situation, so how to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the entire equipment?

(1) If you want to maintain the high pole lights, you must check the black metal components of all equipment lighting facilities, and check whether these metal components are galvanized and anti-corrosion, and whether the protective measures for fasteners meet the requirements, these are very important.

(2) For maintenance of high pole lights, it is recommended that you check the verticality of all lighting facilities. You must regularly use precision instruments to measure or experiment as required, and the error of the entire small gap should be less than 3% of the height of the pole and the diameter error of the entire axis should not be greater than 2% of the length of the light pole.

(3) While we are actually maintaining the high pole lights, we should check the friction of all the outer surfaces to see if there are welding seams on the friction of these outer surfaces and whether there are some corrosive conditions. For long-term use, but not For direct replacement, ultrasonic or other methods must be used for detection.

(4) Check the mechanical strength of all lamps to ensure the safe use of lampshades. For those closed lampshades, it is best for you to check their heat dissipation during the selection and maintenance process.

(5) Carefully check the condition of the wires in the lamp panel of all high pole lamps. We need to see if these wires can withstand greater stress. At the same time, we need to see if they are aging or cracked. There is a range of nudity that exists.

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