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How to detect the intensity of the UV lamp?

by:ALLTOP      2021-06-07

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps in use should be inspected with an ultraviolet radiation illuminance meter for an intensity test within 3-6 months, and a measurement calibration with an ultraviolet radiation illuminance meter to maintain accuracy, and a lamp with an unqualified intensity should be found It should be replaced in time.

Test with chemical indicator card testing method:

1. After turning on the ultraviolet lamp for 5 minutes, place the chemical card at a vertical distance of 1 meter under the ultraviolet lamp, with the patterned side of the chemical indicator card facing up;

2. The ultraviolet lamp is irradiated for 1 minute (there will be different color changes on the chemical card);

3. Observe the color block of the indicator card and compare it with the standard color block, and then read the illumination intensity.

The test result takes 10w as an example:

1. The new ultraviolet germicidal lamp is qualified if the ultraviolet illuminance is not less than 30uw/cm;

2. If it is a UV tube in use, it should be no less than 20uw/cm to qualify.

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