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How to correctly avoid 'hibernation' of solar LED street lights

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

Drunk looking at the ink, moon, white, winter today, everything goes to avoid the cold, grain enters the warehouse, vegetables enters the cellar, and animals sleep. The road is covered with mist, and it looks extremely quiet. The solar LED street lights on both sides seem to lose the vitality of the sun. Has the solar LED street lights lost the summer sun and 'hibernate' silently?

Because the sunshine time in winter is shortened and the sky is freezing, many users are inevitably worried about the normal operation of solar street lights. In inclement weather, can the clean energy from nature continue to work? In fact, compared with summer, the intensity and time of sunlight in winter are reduced, and sunlight still exists. In winter, affected by light conditions, the storage time is extended, but as long as the light time is sufficient, the battery can also be fully charged, and the battery has a large capacity to store more power. It is necessary to configure a battery with sufficient capacity according to the regional seasonal weather conditions. However, one thing to pay special attention to is that solar street lights should be installed in cold northern areas, and try to avoid using batteries buried in shallow ground, otherwise it will be affected by freezing, or use solar lithium batteries hanging outside instead.

In some areas, users have magnified the weakness of LED solar street lights in winter, and they still try to avoid them when choosing street lights. In fact, because the lights interfere with the driver’s sight, many accidents have occurred. In fact, in areas where it often snows, Solar LED street lights are ideal for road lighting. The system is designed with appropriate level and brightness of the light curtain, which can provide the driver with excellent object detection and contrast in snowy conditions. The reflection performance of light scattered on the snow-covered road can increase the brightness of the environment and illuminate the road. Moreover, outdoor LED street lighting is usually a horizontally oriented optical system to prevent ice and snow. If the lighting equipment is designed properly, interference is almost no problem. Attention should also be paid to maintenance to prevent uneven conversion due to snow accumulation on solar panels in blizzard weather, which affects power generation efficiency.

As long as the configuration of solar LED street lights in the early stage is reasonable, pay attention to snow maintenance in the later stage, and correctly help it avoid 'hibernationThe clusters of solar LED street lights continue to jump in winter, setting off more warm streets.

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