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How should the 2014 led industry dig 'canals' to divert water?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-06
If you don't keep up with the pace of LED lighting, even the channel bosses of traditional lighting may be eliminated. Now, the wave of LED lighting has pushed channel providers to the crossroads where they must make choices. Channel providers are faced with confusion, anxiety and pressure to choose products, manufacturers and brands again. This choice is more like gambling, and if they make a wrong bet, they will be eliminated. Therefore, in the chaotic LED lighting market, distributors must first ask themselves: how should I exist? How to find your own business positioning and create irreplaceable value? Only after positive thinking and correct answers can the channel provider promote the subsequent choices and business operations to the right track. Channel providers keep up with the pace of LED lighting, not only making the right choice, but also repositioning and re-planning their business and career, actively creating their own living resources and environment, and making the enterprise's foundation last forever. We believe that the key to the survival resources of channel providers lies in the creation of a networked business ecosystem and the creation of channel brands. To create a networked business ecosystem, we must develop and establish channel outlets, which must have both quantitative scale and coverage level. These outlets should have continuous and frequent business contacts, and mainly operate the brands of channel agents in store space and manpower investment. The channel provider has long-term business guidance, support and management functions for the network, and must also determine the business positioning in advance. It is a single business ( Such as wholesale, distribution, engineering or home, business, light source) Or integrated business, and then determine whether to develop a single system or multiple systems. In the networked business ecosystem, it is necessary to create the channel brand of the channel provider, so that the manufacturer can recognize the network strength of the channel provider, such as the number of outlets, the level of coverage and the quality of operation; Also let manufacturers realize the network control power of channel providers, such as appeal, influence, loyalty and rule making and maintenance. Channel providers can use the manufacturer's brand to build a network, but they must transform the brand power of the manufacturer into the brand power of the channel provider. Only when the two brands are bright and dark can the channel provider firmly establish its market position. Even if the manufacturer's brand withdraws, the channel provider can still make a comeback. Ambitious channel providers will not wait and see, nor will they go with the flow, but will move forward bravely. Some channel providers may not be large or just starting now, but knowing how to exist will also have the fate of future bosses.
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