How do you make it not easy corrosion led street lamp light pole?

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Because of led street lights are public goods, need long-term exposure to inclement weather, light pole surface corrosion in easily lead to the service life of the fall, for can effectively extend the service life, ensure that use led street lamp light pole is called for surface oxidation treatment. So, what is specific antioxidant treatment? Outdoor led street lamp surface plastic spraying treatment generally USES the length of up to 60 m disposable plastic spraying production line, the color can be specified by the customer, the outdoor use polyester molding powder, plastic layer thickness is greater than 85 um, guarantee the curing time, plastic layer, high adhesion, uv irradiation, such lighting led street lamp light pole is generally 10 years won't flake. There is a kind of with the method of hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment inside and outside, the zinc layer thickness is greater than 85 um, accord with ZBJ3601 & ndash; 89 standard, anti-corrosion life can reach more than 30 years, 15 years does not rust. Still have a kind of led street light treatment is powder electrostatic spraying electrostatic spraying principle, using high voltage electrostatic corona electric field gun metal diversion cup head connected to high voltage anode, the coated workpiece grounding form the positive, between spray gun and artifacts in the formation of a strong electrostatic field. When the carrier gas ( Compressed air) Type powder coatings for powder from the barrel of the powder tube to the spray gun diversion cup, due to the diversion cup have connected to high voltage anode corona discharge, the surrounding dense charge, powder with negative charge, the electrostatic force and under the action of compressed air, powder evenly adsorbed on the workpiece, the heating, powder melt solidified into a uniform, flat, smooth film. Electrostatic spraying paint and coating. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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