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How do street lamp manufacturers make reasonable prices for LED street lamps?

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

Nowadays, LED technology is widely used in various industries, especially in the field of lighting. Outdoor street lights in road lighting have been updated over the past two years. LED street lights have fully occupied the roads of major cities and become the protagonist in road lighting. However, the price of LED street lamps has always been a problem that people care about, and it is also a difficulty that street lamp manufacturers have been struggling with. If the price of LED street lights is set too high, then there will not be many consumers to pay, the market will be difficult to open, and sales will be difficult to increase. If the price of LED street lamps is set too low, street lamp manufacturers will have no profit point, almost no profit and difficult to survive, let alone research and development of new energy-saving street lamps. Therefore, it is very important for LED street lamp manufacturers to formulate a reasonable price of LED street light. So how should street lamp manufacturers formulate reasonable prices for LED street lamps? Today, the editor will give a simple analysis.

First, calculate the operating cost of the LED street light manufacturer, determine the overall operating cost, and then determine the price of the LED street light, so as to ensure that the manufacturer is profitable.
Second, the street lamp manufacturer itself must set a sales target for LED street lamps, calculate the expenditure of the target sales, and then calculate the profit of the sales, and then adjust the price of LED street lamps to a reasonable price based on the profit.
Third, investigate the overall sales of the LED street lamp market and estimate future demand. If the demand is large, small profits but quick turnover can be used to set a reasonable price for LED street lights.
Fourth, listen to the suggestions of street lamp engineering companies on the price of LED street lamps, and communicate and discuss with peers, cooperate with each other, improve the industrial chain, and increase regional advantages. Only by reducing the price of street lamps, can we formulate LEDs that are reasonable for consumers Street lamp price.

The above are the four methods for the editor to think of street lamp manufacturers to formulate reasonable LED street lamp prices. But there is a premise that I have to remind here that no matter how it is formulated, street lamp manufacturers must guarantee the quality of LED street lamps. Without good quality, even if the price is very cheap, it does not make any sense to consumers.

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