How do LED lighting entrepreneurs make strategic decisions?

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-03
In the whole process of enterprise operation, money plays a role as a witness of the Enterprise from small to large and from weak to strong. It is a prop for the enterprise to realize the target value of the enterprise. The role in an enterprise is just like the blood flowing in the human body. Only when blood continuously flows in the body can life continue. However, human life is not aimed at hematopoiesis. It is only an indispensable part of our life. We still have thinking, there are also goals and values in life. The amount of blood is proportional to the weight of the human body, not the more the better. When it comes to money, it has two meanings here. In terms of enterprises, LED lighting enterprises must operate with liquidity and capital reserves to ensure the sound development of enterprises, and not because the lack of funds in enterprises leads to difficulties in enterprise operation. This fund includes two contents, one is the original investment of the enterprise, and the other is the profits that the enterprise itself continuously creates and accumulates in the development process, just like the hematopoietic function of our own human beings, it is not a constant need for the outside world to inject funds. Second, as entrepreneurs, we must pass the money. We can't take money as our personal goal. In this respect, Fan Li, who was hailed as Shang Sheng by later generations, has set a good example for us. Fan Li had three migrations in his life, and each migration was due to his accumulation of wealth and wealth in the local area, which reached the peak of his life. He understood the truth that things will turn against each other, in order to eliminate the disaster brought by success, fan Hao's righteousness and wealth, good and good, every time before the migration, he will donate all the tens of thousands of homes he has accumulated. Fan Li migrated three times, in the Yue Fan Li, in Qi Wei Yi Zi, in Wu Wei Tao Zhugong. Historian Sima Qian said: Fan Hao's three moves are all famous. World reputation: loyalty to the country; Wisdom to protect oneself; Businessmen become rich and become famous all over the world. If our entrepreneurs can get through the money, can advance and retreat, how much can be less, then not only can our enterprises be stronger and bigger, but also LED lighting entrepreneurs will be famous for their successful careers. When we understand the relationship between money and enterprises and individuals, how to deal with the relationship between enterprises and banks, we can correctly treat and grasp. In fact, for a healthy LED lighting enterprise, there is no need to pay for the goods, just as a healthy person does not need blood transfusion, the enterprise should according to the size of the operator's ability, naturally to operate LED lighting enterprises, the size of the operator's ability is directly proportional to the strength of the enterprise. Just like a person can only be a good village head, insisting that he be a county magistrate and a county magistrate be a governor at once, he may be comfortable in his original position, but beyond his ability, he may not do well. In fact, the same is true for enterprises. Enterprises must be established according to their own comprehensive abilities and laws. In this way, the vitality of enterprises will be strong, although LED lighting enterprises may not be very large, but it must be very strong. In this way, we will feel relaxed when operating. However, it is a pity that many people do not understand this truth, and no matter how capable they are, they try every means to drill into the camp and place one-sided emphasis on high, large and high, but they do not know that, things beyond your ability will not be able to do. The same is true for enterprises. The larger the LED lighting enterprises, the better. It is good to match with the team's comprehensive ability of LED lighting enterprises. For LED lighting enterprises, a bank is like a blood bank. A truly healthy LED lighting enterprise does not need blood transfusion. If an LED lighting enterprise itself does not have immunity and hematopoietic function, it is useless to continuously give him blood transfusion, which will only accelerate the death of LED lighting enterprises. In addition, banks are not free institutions. If an LED lighting enterprise relies on blood transfusion, once the bank stops blood transfusion, the enterprise will immediately face difficulties. It is not surprising that the so-called success is also Xiao He, and the defeat is Xiao He.
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