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How do LED enterprises seize market opportunities?

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-15
Looking forward to the prospect of LED industry, everyone seems very confident. Ten years ago, the output value of China's LED was 9 billion yuan. Last year, the market size of China's LED exceeded 200 billion yuan. 100 of new outdoor projects were LED lamps, hunan, Anhui and Shandong provinces have successively introduced LED policies on application, which can be said that the prospect has already spread. Indoor lighting, up 86. 5% from last year. 65. In the face of such market share and market capacity, how can LED enterprises get a share? How to locate? Traditional channels of criticism? Zhu Bingzhong said that he has taken a different path from others in the field of engineering, and has gained a lot of experience and resources in the process, so far, qinshang Optronics firmly believes that the engineering replacement market is a promising market segment in the future LED market for 2 to 3 years. For example, hospitals, schools, community parking lots, supermarkets, parking lots in stores, these owners will not take the initiative to find manufacturers to buy lights. They just said that there are lights in use, why do you want to change? As an LED enterprise cannot wait, it needs to jump out of this market and take the initiative to break through this market. Therefore, we need to find ways to break through this special mass user market. How to grasp the LED lighting replacement market? For example, the power of funds, users will not pay for it, only rely on external forces, external funds to do this project. Zhu Bingzhong pointed out that in fact everyone has good network resources and market resources. What is more needed is product strength, because the replacement market is not an ordinary home consumption market, it may require a long maintenance, a good after-sales service, and a business model to solve various problems. Resource integration and industry-university-research cooperation, many projects require enterprises to have good strength and good research and development strength, which is the resource integration in research and development. China's investment in technology focuses on universities and research and development institutions. It is difficult for these universities and research and development institutions to make technical and theoretical research with state funds to industrialize with the market. Enterprises cooperate with universities and directly pick up their research fruits for industrialization, directly bring economic benefits. In addition, intelligence is also the development trend of LED lighting in the future. From smart lighting to smart city is a business that many enterprises are now carrying out. Zhu Bingzhong believes that under the concept of smart city, smart lighting technology is very solid, and technology is combined with the general environment of smart city. The big network of smart cities is the street lamp network, which is spread all over every corner of the city. The technology of smart lighting is embedded in the network transformation. Including street lamp leakage test, leakage monitoring, public security monitoring system, traffic lights, sewer water level test, PN2. 5, temperature, etc. , can be implanted through the network street lamp network. At present, many smart cities are stuck on slogans and are still difficult to realize. In fact, indoor lighting has a smart home control system, also called smart home, which can only control the home. Zhu Bingzhong believes that very good design, platform design, through the platform of the light engine, products of different specifications can be quickly combined through the replacement of different housings to form standardized production, reduce costs. Of course, the product itself increases stability through downward convection. Zhu Bingzhong also gave his own views on business model innovation. He believes that only with products can we talk about business model, factory incubation plan, Baicheng Qiandian plan and EMBT business model. The continuous introduction of these plans has also been recognized by the market, making the brand well spread in the market.
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