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How can LED enterprises break through the difficult problem of channel construction?

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-15
In April 16, Opal lighting's ban order pushed the industry's channel War to the forefront. Many enterprises felt the dilemma of channel construction. On the one hand, traditional enterprises transformed LED and had no time to take into account the construction of supporting channels. On the other hand, most enterprises stay at the level of distributors and agents for channels. However, as a rising star in the lighting industry, what kind of channels are suitable for LED lighting and how do LED channels need to be established? Worth thinking about. Liu Kefeng, vice president of Shenzhen Jiawei Photovoltaic Lighting, told reporters that the channel is simply the way to sell products to consumers. The industry usually divides the channels into: traditional channels, and the channel mode of large logistics and large circulation through distributors. Engineering channels, through engineers and designers, are the channel mode based on project operation. Hardware channels are the channel mode of selling goods on a commission basis through hardware shops all over the streets or villages. Targeted channel, a channel model for targeted sales in one or several industry areas. There are also popular e-commerce channels at present, and the channel mode of online sales through e-commerce. There are many kinds of channels and various forms. However, the current channel difficulty of enterprises is that they do not know which channel mode to choose. How should enterprises choose appropriate channels? In response, Liu said that choosing the right channel is particularly important for the development of the enterprise. This is an era of change, but also an era that needs to be communicated. This is an era of fierce fighting and unlimited business opportunities. On the stage of the lighting market, a wonderful war is being staged, and the prelude to domestic and foreign lighting competition has already begun. The work of lighting enterprises is far more than channels, products, prices and promotions, but also pays more attention to customers, costs, convenience and communication. With the introduction of policies to ban Bering from low carbon, energy conservation and emission reduction in ten cities, the promotion of LED industry has been accelerated. However, many enterprises only see the huge opportunities brought by LED lighting. When the products and supply chains are not ready, they will implement crowd tactics at the marketing port regardless of cost, one after another, there is a growing trend, and a large amount of investment has little effect. There are more and more patent applications for products, but less and less innovation. Prices are getting lower and lower, and profits are getting less and less. Enterprises only pay attention to tactics and ignore strategy. This is an era full of opportunities and challenges. Liu said that the key to channel competition lies in capital, team and front-end (Marketing), Background (Supply) , Products, service capabilities, response speed, the core value of the enterprise, existing resources. So as a long-term development of enterprises to do a few ports: the market (Brand promotion), Product (R & D), Marketing, backstage (Supply System). Reflecting on traditional lighting enterprises with a scale of more than, from 2000 to 2010, their rapid development coincided with the golden decade of China's commercial development and the golden decade of China's real estate. There is no doubt that the future lighting industry will surely produce enterprises of tens of billions and tens of billions. Liu said that the current lighting belongs to the Spring and Autumn era. How can enterprises find their own territory in the future and focus on the present.
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