High quality and long life of solar street light dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
May be a lot of people also know something for solar street lights, solar street lights are generally use high power LED light source to provide sufficient energy, like solar LED street lamp belongs to low voltage products, adopting dc 12 v or 24 v power supply, safety without damage, for young children, pedestrians and animals effectively protect vision, the lamp body is mainly USES the high strength structure design, has a good wind resistance, resistance to external forces is strong, has a higher security. To the quality problem of the solar street light, it also can be at ease, because it is using corrosion resistant, see sun aging durable materials, the use of advanced production equipment, and strict factory inspection, to ensure that each a solar charging is enough stable and high quality products. The life of the solar modules can be up to 20 years, the use of lamps and lanterns can be 200 million hours. Solar street lamps use high-power lamps and lanterns of crystalline silicon solar battery components as the power generation system, solar panels best Angle design, choice of seal dedicated and maintenance-free battery, the component conversion rate is high, the corrosion resistant performance is good, the LED lamp light lighting, energy saving save electricity, rainy days can be continuous lighting - 6 30 in the evening, no other energy supply.
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