High power LED street light will also stepped into mature

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Light from the fire of life we need to traditional street lamps and the evolution of high power LED street light, has been more and more mature. Today, high power LED street light has become a leading lighting, and entered into the mature period. As the traditional incandescent lamp will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, called & other; The light of the 21st century & throughout; High power LED street light will enter industry mature period. Let the LED industry in China also have big development, and constantly expand the range of application areas of leds. To know the traditional incandescent light bulb use after a long time will be hot, also not durable, it is understood that most of the incandescent light bulb will consume 90% of energy is converted into useless heat energy, only less than 10% of the energy will become light. As for the lighting time, the service life of incandescent lamp is different from the high power LED lights, it is usually not more than 1000 hours. And high power LED street light can be electric energy into light energy of semiconductor devices. Compared with the traditional light source, LED light source, energy saving, environmental protection, security, solid, small volume, long life, color is rich, and many other advantages. LED power consumption less at the same time, and can be high frequency operation, in under the condition of same illumination, LED street lamp power consumption is one over ten thousand of the traditional light source, one half of the fluorescent tube. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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