High power LED street light use characteristics and the principle to use

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
High power LED street light is can be widely popularized in the field of lighting, it is very popular in the designs city-lighting project, the use of high power LED street light is already done beautify the urban environment, improve the overall image of the city, is on the city roads, shopping malls, tourist scenic spots, street traffic was more places such as lighting lighting use. High power LED lamp is composed of chip, gold wire, stent, colloid, glue, etc, mainly by gold thread the luminous chips and export quantity of heat of the bracket connected, make circuit connected, colloid protection is weak in the chip, the gold wire system, regulate the light Angle, with conductive silver glue, glue are not conductive glue, usually silver glue chip is glued on the scaffold conduction, chip of the conductive glue is usually not glued insulating effect on the scaffold. Only by correctly understanding to the operating characteristics of high power LED street light, and its working principle, then he will know how to choose the high power LED street light. Also because of the strength of each manufacturer is different, can produce the quality of the product is not the same, users in the procurement process should pay attention to this. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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