High power LED street light development subject to two major technical bottleneck

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
With the popularization of Internet technology, the high power LED street lamp lighting system has to achieve single light management applications such as control, automatic adjusting, high power LED street light all operation condition can be obtained in the control center data feedback, reduced the manpower needed for the inspection, make the management more scientific, but now the high power LED street light is subject to two major technical bottleneck at present. One is droop, failed to effectively solve the cooling problem, which affect service life; The second is effective light distribution can't meet the demand of lighting use, affect the energy saving efficiency. Countries in addition, there is no high power LED outdoor lighting products unified standard, the LED street lamp manufacturers product architecture, components are not interchangeable, also affecting the popularization and use scale, coupled with the unequal competition and & other Most of the high pressure sodium lamp as draft-eligible, scrap out sadly & throughout; Idea, superposition of various unfavorable factors, which leads to the innovation product promotion. But now the factory are actively to improve its technical problems, believe in the near future, can be completely can solve these problems. In addition, the high power LED street lamp driver power supply and control modules are installed below the light pole, only when the maintenance personnel to be present, do not need to lift car, relieving roadway taking-up traffic jams, the quick, and replace the sodium lamp can recover the cost of investment in two years. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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