High power LED street lamp method to reduce droop

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Light failure is the main reason for the high power LED street light can't work for a long time, and reduce the light failure is an important way to improve and strengthen the cooling, if the thermal design of lamps and lanterns does not reach the designated position, LED chip junction temperature is too high, will cause the chip itself and encapsulating resin performance deteriorated, causing low luminous efficiency and shorten the life. Effectively improve the heat dissipation of the LED is the key to conquer high-power lighting lamps and lanterns. High-power LED street light heat dissipation technology. Usually define the brightness of the LED lamps and lanterns attenuation to reach 30% of the time as its life, the LED itself low temperature resistance, it droop brightness is a gradual process of decay, and the initial attenuation time, in addition to and the quality of the lamps and lanterns, mainly related to contact temperature of the lamp. Everyone is aware of the light failure is the cause of the high power LED street light can't work for a long time, also begin to realize a important method to reduce the light failure is to improve heat dissipation. From the point of some high power LED lamps and lanterns product testing results, 1200 hours after the lights light failure, the best is 8%, the worst is 26%, the average of 14%. Most of the light from the street lamp manufacturers failure is still cannot meet the use requirement. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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