High lamp installation should choose a reasonable way of lighting

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
High lamp before installation to select a reasonable illumination way, relatively large due to the light, so also should consider early good control of lighting area, handle the intensity of illumination and light color, color rendering, stereo feeling, texture, flash and dazzle light limit and so on, but also eliminate unnecessary shadow appeared during the period of the lighting, control the bad influence of light and ultraviolet light to people. On top of the rise and fall of outdoor light, light pole should set a lightning rod and cover, because the height of the illumination light is high and it is iron products so you should set the lightning rod, because there are many inside light pole control mechanism in order to prevent the rain from corrosion and should set cover, so these two are indispensable. In high lamp rectangle at the bottom of the space in addition to the installation of electrical control system also need to install an elevator system. Electric control system can effectively avoid harsh outdoor environment result in high lamp lifting movement of fault, there are all kinds of circuit in the electrical control system overload protector. Lifting system is through the motor, worm gear and worm reducer, safety coupling, main cable, deputy points of rope and pulley, wire rope light, the turbine worm reducer self-locking ability is very good, work very compact. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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